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vaccination requirements - Ilya Shlyakhter (notestaff) - letters to editors
June 9th, 2015
01:07 pm


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vaccination requirements

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Date:June 14th, 2015 01:06 am (UTC)
I believe I know what this has been inspired by. :)
The problem that I see with your approach is determining which of the anti-vaxx parents chooses not to vaccinate, as right now in California these people constitute much more than 5% of the population. Second of all, you are not really giving people a free choice not to vaccinate, because it is doubtful that somebody would move just because of the vaccination rate at school (which, btw, can change any time).
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Date:June 14th, 2015 02:36 am (UTC)
:) grisha has a point (had to look up "amicus plato").

Opt-out rate is 3.15% statewide, much higher at some schools. Opt-outs of MMR are some subset of this.

Having to move isn't "free choice", but at least a realistic choice; home-schooling isn't, except for the wealthy. Who gets to opt-out is random, first-come first-serve till vaccination rate drops to 95%. Still better than no-opt-outs-for-anyone, no?

What law would you pass?

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