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teaching evolution in school - Ilya Shlyakhter (notestaff) - letters to editors — LiveJournal
October 1st, 2005
05:50 am


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teaching evolution in school
Religion, Science and Our Identity

When parents or teachers attempt to show that evolution and religion are not in conflict and that other ways to knowledge exist besides the scientific method, they are ruled out of court on an alleged violation of the separation of church and state. Thus we get the understandable if misguided attempt to insert intelligent design into the science curriculum, to counter the philosophical (and theological) bias of militant secular evolutionists.

Robert Bireley
Chicago, Oct. 1, 2005
The writer is a professor of history at Loyola University Chicago.

None of the biology teachers I've had, or the biologists I've known, have been crusading atheists. They gladly shared their knowledge and methods with those who asked; they never promoted any worldview.

Scientists gain satisfaction from discovering new knowledge, not from persuading others to accept knowledge already discovered. Religionists gain satisfaction from getting others to conform to their worldview.

Maybe that's why our Constitution separates only religion from the state.

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