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"do no harm" in foreign policy - Ilya Shlyakhter (notestaff) - letters to editors
March 4th, 2003
07:34 am


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"do no harm" in foreign policy

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Date:July 28th, 2006 01:54 am (UTC)

Re: related column by thomas friedman

related letter:

The War and Shattered Illusions

To the Editor:

At last, Thomas L. Friedman wakes up to the fact that the character of the people who carry out a foreign policy is more important than the policy itself.

Mr. Friedman had ample evidence of this administration's lack of character and political motivations when he was, tragically, giving its Iraq policy his imprimatur before the invasion. His mea culpa now rings hollow and is too late.

Sea Cliff, N.Y., May 13, 2004
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